Shenzhen Sun-Moon-Circle (Sumoncle) Solar Energy Industrial Co. Ltd.It is a hi-tech Chinese-foreign joint venture to produce various kinds of RSC-series solar cell models for application in consumer products like calculators, watches, LCD apparatus, battery re-chargers, thermometers and so on, based on the advanced equipment system imported from USA and the advanced technology developed in the company. At the same time to provide solar peripheral products, such as conductive copper paste, conductive carbon paste, liquid crystal light valve, laser diode, electronic components and other products.

The location of our company is in Shenzhen Chengongmiao Tianan Industrial Zone, centered in Pearl River Delta, with easy traffic. We are ready to provide satisfactory service to our customers all over the world and deliver our products in time, whether the orders are large or small.







  Ompany Name: Shenzhen sumoncle solar sell energy industrial Co.Ltd
  Company Address : F3.8-8b tianan cyberpark futian shenzhen
  Phone: 86-0755-81772358
  Fax: 86-0755-22143770
  Contact Person: MR SHI (Manager)
  Mobile: 86-0-13203792780